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The Essential Role of Metacognition in the Sciences of Reading:

How Metacognition, Motivation, and Engagement Make a Critical Difference

Q&A with Peter Afflerbach, Ph.D.  

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The Science of Reading research speaks to best practices necessary to support successful readers; however, today’s discourse around the “Science of Reading” often limits the scope of reading instruction needed to support all learners. In this brief Q&A, Dr. Peter Afflerbach explains why the “Sciences of Reading” provides a more comprehensive framework of the factors necessary for reading achievement, and the crucial role that metacognition plays in providing lasting reading competencies that ensure life-long reading success.

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About the Author

Peter Afflerbach, Ph.D. is Professor of Reading in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership at the University of Maryland. His research includes focus on reading comprehension strategies and processes, verbal reporting, reading in Internet and hypertext environments, and mindfulness.