PD Webinar

Simple, Sound Science of Reading Instructional Shifts 

Presented by Patty McGee, M.Ed. 

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Classroom instruction that aligns with the Science of Reading? It’s simpler than you may think! Join Patty McGee, M.Ed. to explore simple, evidence-based instructional shifts that put research into action and accelerate learning.



1 hour

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About the Presenter

Patty McGee, M.Ed. is an educator, author, and consultant.  She has worked near and far—in her own hometown of Harrington Park and across the world in Abu Dhabi and many places in between. Patty’s passion and vision is to create learning environments where teachers and students discover their true potential and power through joyful inquiry, study, and collaboration. Her favorite moments are when groups of teachers are working with students together in the classroom. It is truly where the magic happens. Her latest book is Writer's Workshop Made Simple: 7 Essentials for Every Classroom & Every Writer. Patty is also a contributing author to Benchmark Writer’s Workshop and the program author of Benchmark Grammar Study Micro-Workshop.