PD Webinar

Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Empowering Responsive and Reflective Educators 

Presented by Maria Campanario 

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Explore ways to create school and classroom environments that build on diverse students’ strengths and increase access to effective learning experiences. Equity and inclusion expert Maria Campanario explains how educators can build positive relationships and support classroom conversations that encourage analysis of different perspectives, experiences, and cultures.

This research-based webinar will provide a framework for developing an academic mindset and critical thinking skills through responsive instruction and the use of resources that feature a variety of voices and viewpoints. Topics discussed during this session will include:

  • How cultural attributes and social interactions can affect learning and outcomes
  • A coherent approach to providing relevant instruction and targeted support
  • What to look for in textbooks, trade books, and supplemental resources
  • Developing students’ ability to identify, analyze, and solve real-world problems


1 hour

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About the Presenter

Maria Campanario has over four decades of experience in education in administrative, consulting, and teaching roles. Her work with districts concentrates on building effective schools, literacy, issues of equity, multilingual learners, special education, and supporting district/school administrators in organizational planning. Nationally she presents at multiple conferences yearly. Maria’s university instruction focuses on courses for educational leadership, content literacy, race, and urban education, with a focus on equity and instruction that addresses the needs of socially, culturally, and linguistically diverse student populations. Maria is the National Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Leadership consultant at Benchmark Education, and she has recently been on the authorship team creating social justice pieces for Benchmark Booster and core programs.