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Conscious Classrooms: Using Diverse Books for Anti-Racist Teaching  

Presented by Allison Briceno, Ed.D., and Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica, Ph.D.  

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Explore ways for PK - 6 teachers to use diverse texts to further their anti-racist teaching. Authors and researchers Allison Briceño and Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica explain how educators can use diverse books to engage all readers, and support literacy and identity development.
This research-based webinar will provide teachers the opportunity to learn to identify and center the lived experiences of students of color and other diverse students to further develop their language, literacy and identity. Topics discussed during this session will include:

The importance of including rich, authentic diverse texts

  • Tools to analyze children’s books to determine if they reinforce or resist stereotypes
  • Strategies and tools for using diverse texts with kids, including how to navigate problematic texts
  • Tools and prompting cards for meaningful comprehension conversations
  • The continuum of diverse texts, and when and how to progress along it
  • Strategies for easing the concerns of adults

This webinar shares proven ways to help educators engage diverse learners in reading, so it is of interest to teachers of diverse students as well as principals, instructional coaches, specialists, paraprofessionals, and other educators.


1 hour

About the Presenter

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Allison Briceño, Ed.D. 

A former bilingual teacher, reading specialist, and district literacy coordinator, Allison Briceño, Ed.D., is an Associate Professor at San José State University, where she coordinates the Reading and Literacy Leadership Credential and MA Program. Dr. Briceño’s work centers on improving (bi)literacy instruction for multilingual students and enacting Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in teacher education and K-12 schools. Dr. Briceño is the co-author of Conscious Classrooms: Using Diverse Texts for Inclusion, Equity, and Justice 

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Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica, Ph.D  

Claudia is a former bilingual teacher and is an Associate Professor at Santa Clara University in California. She coordinates the bilingual authorization program at Santa Clara University and teaches bilingual teacher preparation and language arts methods courses. Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica’s research focuses on the classroom instruction of bilingual children in public schools and the intersections among language, race, ethnicity, gender and culture as they relate to the teaching and learning of multilingual learners. Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica is the co-author of Conscious Classrooms: Using Diverse Texts for Inclusion, Equity, and Justice.