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PD Webinar

Classroom Management Routines That Maximize Learning and Minimize Disruptions

Presented by Dr. Vicki Gibson
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Now is the perfect time for teachers and administrators to establish consistent classroom management routines that develop social-emotional skills; create orderly, predictable expectations; encourage respectful communication; and invite collaboration in learning centers.

In this webinar, Dr. Vicki Gibson will introduce easy-to-implement routines and procedures that help teachers establish classrooms that include whole- and small-group activities, flexible groupings, learning centers for collaborative play, and daily time periods that include adult-led and student-directed activities. Discover ways to help children become self-directed learners and leaders, and empower teachers with more time for teaching and learning as they enjoy less distractions and behavioral disruptions.


  60 minutes

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About the Presenter

Vicki Gibson Ph.D., is a national consultant, author, speaker, and trainer. A Kindergarten teacher and learning-disability specialist, she also started three of her own schools for children ages 2-12 years. She is the lead author of Benchmark Ready to Advance and Listos y adelante, curricula resources used nationwide to increase instructional effectiveness. Vicki earned her doctorate from Texas A&M University, where she served as a lecturer and adjunct professor for ten years.