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PD Webinar

Addressing the Social-Emotional, Academic, and Linguistic Needs of Newcomers

Presented by
Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes 

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Schools play an essential role in helping newcomers adapt and contribute as they integrate into our communities and society at large. By understanding the socio-emotional, linguistic, and academic needs of newcomers and by learning how to create a welcoming, asset-oriented environment, educators can enhance learning for not only the newcomer student, but also for the entire learning community.

This webinar explores research-based practices and teaching strategies for engaging students and creating a classroom climate that promotes connectedness, a strong sense of belonging, and mutual respect. Educators will learn how to:

  • Promote behavioral, cognitive, and affective student engagement.
  • Develop and expand vocabulary and language structures cohesively.
  • Scaffold content knowledge and reading comprehension.
  • Build student agency, confidence, and autonomy.


1 hour

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About the Presenter

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Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes served as an expert panel member for the development of the California ELD Standards and subsequently contributed as a Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee member for the California Department of Education. Her area of expertise is biliteracy with a focus on academic language, writing, and the organization of instruction for explicit teaching of Spanish-to-English cross-linguistic transfer. In collaboration with the California Department of Education, she coordinated the Spanish translation and linguistic augmentation of the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics. Currently a national biliteracy consultant and collaborating author for Benchmark Education, Silvia was honored with the National Association for Bilingual Education Leadership.