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Teaching effectively often comes down to one thing that works for all students: active reading practice supported by a teacher who has an asset-based lens. Having an asset based lens means that you see the strengths in each student's unique background. You lean in and support a student by focusing on what each child needs as a next step in his or her growth as a reader. You teach to each, not teach to most. By providing the right scaffold for each student to become a strong and independent reader, you can achieve equity in reading. All students will be strong readers.

Join Dr. Nancy Akhavan as she shares thinking to help you prepare for back to school, summer school or continued distance learning. She will share strategies to help ensure you are providing instruction that strengthens students’ reading abilities and reinforces the joy of reading.



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Dr. Nancy Akhavan is a nationally known educator and author. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Fresno State, in California. Previously, she has served as an assistant superintendent, principal, coach, and EL teacher. Dr. Akhavan is the author of At the Reading Table with Striving Readers: Achieving Equity by Scaffolding Strengths.


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When teachers are clear in their intentions during small-group instruction, all children can achieve. With this first in a three-book series addressing small-group instruction, Nancy Akhavan shares the precise instructional scaffolds striving readers need, and helps teachers:

  • Form groups in culturally sensitive ways
  • Activate and build background knowledge
  • Ensure students are reading for most of the small-group minutes
  • Toggle between teaching and assessment during the sessions
  • Use coaching language that develops comprehension and confidence